If you stay ready, you ain't ever have to get ready!



When I was in fourth grade, I stood up and told my teacher that I wanted to be the world's best photographer when I grew up. Twenty jobs and thirteen years later, I said screw it! I heard Jim Carrey say, "You can fail at what you don't want so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love."

I got my start when I lived in Detroit and fell in love with this insanely creative and multifaceted career. I interned for a few photographers and then made my way back to my hometown of Fort Smith, Arkansas to branch out on my own! I spent four years perfecting my craft and growing my style and brand and now I'm taking all this magic out to Cali to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a portrait and fashion photographer! 

You could pick anyone (literally, there are a shit ton of photographers out there), but having the right team behind you to help you reach your goals/vision is the most important thing you can do in your planning! You need someone who can go the extra mile and meet/exceed your expectations! That's me!

And let's be honest, you need someone you can really vibe with and rely on. I have worked with almost every type of style, personality, brand, lighting, weather, etc. and I can capture it all! Whether you're all-natural, moody, light and airy, high fashion, grunge, time period, glamour shot, and anything else in between. I got you! A lot of people in this industry try to tell us to pick a style (or 'niche') and stick to it, but I'm not down with that, I love and want to shoot all styles and I'm more than confident that I can. 



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