If you stay ready, you ain't ever have to get ready!



When I was in fourth grade, I stood up and told my teacher that I wanted to be the worlds best photographer when I grew up. Twenty jobs and 13 years later, I said screw it! I heard Jim Carrey say in a speech, "You can fail at what you don't want so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love."

I got my start when I lived in Detroit and fell in love with this insanely creative and multifaceted career.  I interned for a few photographers and then made my way back to my home town of Fort Smith, Arkansas to branch out on my own! I spent four years perfecting my craft and growing my style and brand and now I'm taking all this magic out to Cali to pursue my life long dream of becoming a portrait and fashion photographer! 

You could pick anyone (literally, there are a shit ton of photographers out there), but having the right team behind you to help you reach your goals/vision is the most important thing you can do in your planning! You need someone who can go the extra mile and meet your expectations! That's me!

And let's be honest, you need someone you can really vibe with and rely on. I have worked with almost every type of style, personality, brand, lighting, weather, etc. and I can capture it all! Whether you're all natural, moody, light and airy, high fashion, grunge, time period, glamour shot, and anything else in between. I got you! A lot of people in this industry try to tell us to pick a style (or 'niche') and stick to it, but I'm not down with that, I love and want to shoot all styles and I'm more than confident that I can. My style is excellence and that's why you need me on your team! 



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